Fleeting Fleas at the Market

We woke up one early (well, “early” for us…) Saturday to check out the Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market. We didn’t get to stay for long, but it was just enough time to look around and snap some pics.

I love visiting antique stores and flea markets in foreign countries because the things and people there can show you so much about their culture and history.

We stepped off the bus to this sight and the first thing my boyfriend said was, “Flea market! Old people everywhere!” ūüôā


I wish I could take this stuff home, but there’s only so much room in my suitcases.

The infamous Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. Wikipedia told me, “Royal Copenhagen, officially the¬†Royal Porcelain Factory (Den Kongelige Porcelainsfabrik) is a manufacturer of¬†porcelain¬†products and was founded in¬†Copenhagen¬†1 May 1775¬†under the protection of¬†Queen Juliane Marie.”

My boyfriend informed me that the markings on the bottom of the dishware represented the authenticity and quality of the products! Apparently¬†the three wavy lines symbolizes Denmark‚Äôs three straits:¬†√ėresund,¬†Storeb√¶lt (the Great Belt)¬†, and¬†Lilleb√¶lt (the Little belt). √ėresund¬†being the water between Sweden and Denmark, Storeb√¶lt¬†is the¬†strait¬†between the main¬†Danish¬†islands of¬†Zealand(Sj√¶lland) and¬†Funen¬†(Fyn), and Lilleb√¶lt¬†is the¬†strait¬†between the¬†Danish¬†island of¬†Funen¬†and the¬†Jutland Peninsula.

Bits and pieces of beautiful silverware resting on velour tablecloths.

Found this cute daredevil walking on water ūüėČ


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