Doing Amsterdam Part II

Amsterdam Photodump Part II:

Yes, we have matching sunglasses. Don’t judge us.

When the rest of us “civilized tourists” were forming a nice line and taking turns for our picture in the clog, this one weird bitch decided it was a good idea to just stand in front of it (while I was in the shoe) and wave at her embarrassed boyfriend to take pictures of her.

I hope she enjoys that picture she now has of herself  in front of the shoe with me sitting in it making a “wtf” face.

Isn’t he the cutest?

They say Amsterdam has every museum imaginable. It would only make sense that after wandering for hours in the Red Light District (we were lost most of the time), to go to the sex museum. Some parts were funny, some parts were informative, and some parts got really weird.

Fun Facts:

The Netherlands is the number one country with the highest ratio of bikes:people (right behind is Denmark).

The number one cause of crotch injuries is from bicycles.

We were walking down the street when we heard this hooting and tooting sound. We soon realized it came from this guy playing a recorder.

So remember that viral video about the famous violinist playing in a metro station during rush hour and nobody cared? Well this is the opposite.

At one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam, this man–wearing a bunny hat, t-shirt over his fanny pack, socks with sandals, and an orange tan–played strings of random notes on his recorder. He played with such confidence because to him (inside his head) it probably sounded like a symphony.

I applauded his bravery (or craziness) and awarded him our change.

And that marked the end of our short trip to The Netherlands, which sadly, was the only trip Sebastian and I took outside of Denmark this summer. 😦 Hopefully we’ll have more chances to travel together soon.

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